Astro Technology is the leading provider of instrumentation and monitoring solutions in the Gulf of Mexico. We continue to innovate and advance our field proven technologies to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

We pioneered fiber-optic sensing technology in the oil and gas industry, and we have set a number of industry milestones. For example, in 1997 we were the first to measure pressure and strain on a subsea tieback on Troika, requiring that we design and create a data acquisition system to support such measurements. We also led the industry in using fiber-optic sensing systems to monitor Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) on deepwater risers. And we have monitored a 56-mile tieback for flow assurance properties in deepwater.

Our expertise includes:

As the authority on fiber-optic sensing technologies and solutions, we provide our clients with the information they need to increase the integrity of equipment and enhance their competitiveness. This is critical as off-shore drilling and production move into increasingly deep waters. We are committed to helping our clients reduce environmental risk and increase operational safety.

To further support the industry, we have teamed with NASA and energy industry experts to advance our cutting-edge Trident Subsea® technology. To read more about this Clear Gulf Joint Industry Project (JIP), please see: CLEAR GULF JIP

Real-time data you can rely on
We believe that knowledge is power. Founded in Houston in 1994, Astro provides clients with real-time data that enables them to reduce production downtime. Equally important, they gain the ability to improve operating efficiency and safety while mitigating risk.

Our Trident Subsea Systems® monitor for the following:

This data has become a must-have in the intensely competitive, media-saturated environment in which our clients operate. We work with them to preserve the integrity of their equipment and prevent leaks, safety hazards, and potentially catastrophic events.

A commitment to innovation and excellence
Our story has its roots in a challenge: how to measure the conditions inside a solid rocket motor, despite its extreme high temperature and pressure. The founder of Astro Technology, David Brower, found the solution in a pioneering fiber optic sensing system that combined highly reliable measurements with the ability to withstand the most severe conditions imaginable.

Such technology answered a need beyond rocket motors, and David was soon approached by the oil and gas industry. His next focus became developing a similar system to measure temperatures and strain offshore. The result: unique sensors that record measurements of strain, temperature and pressure by working external to the pipe, with no penetration into the pipeline.

After successful implementation on Troika in 1997, Astro Technology further developed its Trident Subsea Systems®, a collection of sensing technologies that meet the highest standards of accuracy in extreme and remote subsea environments. Subsequently, Astro Technology has successfully implemented monitoring systems on deepwater risers and pipelines for leading offshore energy companies.

To read more about our Trident Subsea Systems®, please go to: TRIDENT SUBSEA SYSTEMS©

Throughout its 18-year history, Astro Technology has continued to innovate. For example, it worked with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to develop a sensing system for the agency’s robonaut. Acting as the robot’s central nervous system, this technology allows for dexterous hand movements and feedback information. Robonaut’s human-like capabilities have been deployed on the international space station.

Due to David’s extensive background in solid rocket motor technology, Astro was enlisted to work with the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin as part of the START Treaty’s counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Specifically, David helped demilitarize and safely dismantle and dispose of Russian Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Whatever context we work in, we bring a tireless dedication to serving our clients’ needs and pursuing technological solutions that help them reach their goals.