David Brower

Founder & President

David has built his extensive expertise over a long career in the aerospace and energy industries. He worked in both the private sector as well as the NASA space program before becoming an entrepreneur. Constantly pursuing new ideas, he began developing Astro Technology’s sensor system while working on rocket motors. He began his career after graduating in Material Science & Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. For the next 10 years, David worked for Hercules Aerospace Company, leading efforts to determine behaviors of rocket propellants. In addition, he designed, fabricated and oversaw development of rocket motors deployed in nuclear submarines for the US Navy Fleet Ballistic Missile Program. READ MORE

At the end of the Cold War, he moved his family from Salt Lake City to Houston to work in the space program with NASA. He helped design a lunar-based rocket motor that used materials mined from moon rock. The rocket motor was designed to propel a lunar-based vehicle that could rendezvous with an orbiting space vessel and subsequently supply a manned colony on the moon.

Innovating to create subsea systems
After five years in the space program, David founded Astro Technology. Due to his expertise in rocket motors and through the US Department of Defense, he participated in the counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction that resulted from treaties between the United States and Republics of the former Soviet Union. His role was to demilitarize Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

During his work with rocket motors, David designed a new sensor system that could be safely used in contact with propellants. The oil and gas industry began using this system to measure pressure, strain and vibration on subsea pipe lines. David later advanced the sensor system and has installed it in deepwater fields throughout the oil and gas industry. He has installed operational sensors on subsea equipment in water depths of 7,500 feet and on deepwater flowlines up to 60 miles in length.

A commitment to new ideas, family and travel
David is deeply committed to his family – and to travel, sport and outdoor adventure. Having fished, camped and hunted in the Rocky Mountains during his youth, he became an avid high altitude mountain climber after trekking in the Himalayas. His climbs have included Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Whitney, Rainier, and Aconcagua – the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, with an elevation exceeding 22,800 feet. He has researched and spent time exploring the jungles of Central America in search of pre-Columbian ruins and artifacts.

David’s history with sport includes a stint playing football in a semi-professional league. As a biker, he completed the charity ride for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, traveling 150 miles from Houston to Austin. David seeks to share the values and experiences he has gained from sport and other activities – he is active in the Boy Scouts of America as well as his church, where he has held many voluntary roles designed to enhance the lives of others.

Bringing boundless curiosity to his work, David also collects rocks, fossils and petrified wood, and is an avid student of astrophysics and astronomy.

He considers his family his greatest accomplishment. He has been married to his wife, Robyn, for 34 years and has 4 children.

Alexis Brower

Senior Vice President

Alexis Brower combines engineering expertise with business saavy and a deep creativity. She graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. Afterward, she joined the Houston office of Fluor Corporation, one of the world’s leading engineering and construction firms. Working on large, complex projects in the energy and construction industries, Alexis gained wide ranging engineering experience in such areas as design, material selection, and plant processes. While at Fluor, she also gained a deep appreciation for the myriad details involved in energy production, building a strong foundation for her work at Astro. READ MORE

A hands-on engineer with a passion for working with clients
Like her father, David Brower, Alexis finds endless fascination in the pursuit of new ideas. She began collaborating with her father on projects while in high school and college. One involved the development of a sensing system for NASA’s Robonaut, which allows for dexterous hand movements and feedback information (the Robonaut was deployed on the International Space Station). Years later, she found herself devoting her weekends and holidays to Astro and officially joined the company in 2008.

She has worked on every aspect of the business, taking a hands-on engineer ing role on numerous projects offshore. She also has played a key role in organizing the Clear Gulf Joint Industry Project, which seeks to provide industry with new ways to manage production efficiently and safely. Most recently, Alexis has been focused on Astro’s business development, working closely with clients to bring them tailored solutions to enhance their competitiveness and reach their production goals.

Embracing new experiences and finding new insights
Alexis’ unique perspective and experience traces back to childhood. Growing up first in Utah and later in Houston as the oldest of four children, she was drawn to science at a young age. In college she pursued both engineering and art, in particular the ways these disparate disciplines overlap and inspire each other. As an engineer, she greatly values creativity and designing new products and services that improve processes and make a difference.

Alexis is passionate about travel and the arts; her recent trips have taken her to Peru, Norway and Iceland. In 2008, she became certified in teaching yoga and finds it to be a creative outlet that feeds the rest of her work. Like her career at Astro, her passion for yoga involves creativity, the discipline of diving deeply into a system of ideas, and tireless energy for enhancing people’s lives.