Incorporating nearly 20 years of design heritage and subsea experience, our downhole monitoring system is cutting-edge technology engineered to perform where sensors have historically failed. Downhole sensors have suffered from reliability issues, failing either at the time of installation or shortly thereafter. This is especially true in deepwater fields with more extreme conditions.

Our downhole monitoring system has surpassed the industry’s traditional capabilities by providing the following:

The Trident® approach combines new sensing methods with practical installation techniques. We utilize sensor methods that are suitable inside as well as outside the casing. Wireless and wired sensing systems are both possible options with a combination of sensing devices. Data can be reliably multi-plexed and transmitted to topside. The data acquisition system can analyze various measurements at multiple locations. Our sensors have been rigorously tested, optimized and proven in the field, and we continually refine our technology to meet the needs of our customers.