Managing risk comes down to getting the information you need – quickly, accurately and reliably. Nowhere is this more critical than flow assurance. Over the past two decades, flow assurance has shifted from focusing merely on pipe sizing and flow pressure to become a much more integral part of the production process. We have been advancing our technology to help lead progress in this area, and our monitoring represents the next step in the management of flow assurance risks.

Specifically, monitoring the flowline offers significant advantages that increase productivity and save both time and money, including:

These advances went into practice in 2008, when Astro Technology set an industry milestone with the successful instrumentation and monitoring of a 56-mile subsea tieback in deepwater. This new innovation continues to be in operation and available to our clients.

Meeting a wide range of monitoring needs
Astro Technology’s systems utilize a combination of fiber-optic, ultrasonic, acoustic and other sensor tools to provide accurate, real-time measurements along the flow-line. Our systems are fully integrated, non-intrusive to the pipe, and ruggedized for offshore conditions. They have a service life of 20 years or more, and can be installed on new or existing flowlines.

Trident Flow Assurance Monitoring® can include the following: