Intelli-Fields represents the ultimate potential for our monitoring systems to optimize performance in the oil and gas industry. This technology goes beyond monitoring of individual components to link data and communication across an entire system. It not only facilitates advanced analysis in real-time, but issues alerts, coordinates decision-making, and even triggers an automatic response.

In short, this system integrates our extensive, field-proven Trident Subsea monitoring technologies with control systems to create auto-adaptive intelligent operations.

Integrate. Optimize. Detect. Respond.
Intelli-Fields is inspired by our belief that smart energy is the future. It is not enough to monitor. You must also make sense of both the smallest details and the big picture. Ultimately, gaining visibility into subsea operations is all about facilitating intelligent responses. We are working to do just that by supporting better decision-making and the capability to automate certain actions.

To realize this vision, we are marrying processes and technologies in powerful new ways. Rising energy demands, along with increasingly complex production developments, call for such new methods to integrate technologies for continuous optimization, risk reduction and improved safety. For example, our software effectively integrates and displays all measurement data to create a cohesive, real-time view of the entire subsea field from downhole to topside.

Data linked to action for optimal results
The Trident Subsea Intelli-Fields® technology takes monitoring to the next level by linking it to remediation. In addition to the detection and real-time monitoring of desired flow assurance and structural parameters, this system follows up intelligently. It will trigger alerts or even the implementation of corrective action when anomalous conditions are identified.

Our technology’s advanced capacity for auto-adaptive measures means that it can do far more to improve operational efficiency and safety of the entire pipeline system.

Measurement features of Intelli-Fields include:

The system allows for proactive control of a subsea system, including targeted intervention and remediation for the following: