Astro’s Trident Subsea Systems® serve the complete range of deepwater monitoring needs. Whether it is ensuring the integrity of risers in extreme conditions, providing real-time measurements along the flowline, or enabling an immediate response to issues, our technology provides a competitive advantage. These tools have their roots in a pioneering fiberoptic sensing system designed to withstand the severe conditions inside a solid rocket motor. Today, they are transforming the landscape of the oil and gas industry by optimizing performance while reducing operational and environmental risk.

Our patent-pending technologies fall into six main categories, which are both comprehensive and flexible enough to meet our clients’ specific needs. Please click on the headings below to learn more about how our products and services can work for you:

Riser Monitoring: Maximizing efficiency through precise knowledge of riser and pipeline integrity as well as fatigue data

Flow Assurance: Eliminating production downtime and asset damage through real-time information on flow properties

Downhole: Achieving highly accurate monitoring where sensors have historically failed

Subsea Structures:Providing a detailed picture of subsea equipment, including trees, wellheads and manifolds

Intelli-Fields: Taking monitoring to the next level through auto-adaptive capabilities

LNG: Ensuring safe and efficient transport with cutting-edge leak detection and assessment of pipeline conditions